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We help improve the overall performance of your Capex Programs by auditing contractor bills, analyzing contracts, reviewing scope & specifications, identifying activity risks, to provide confidence, value and transparency in your projects.

Our team comprises of a gamut of professionals, who can take a 360 degree view of your Capital Investment Programs and Projects.


  • Technical Experts (mechanical, electrical, civil, HVAC, EHS, process)
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Finance Professionals


  • Design & engineering
  • Construction, Maintenance & Renovation
  • Process Piping
  • Finance & equity
  • Master planning
  • Procurement


Is to mitigate risk and optimize our client’s capital projects and programs by focusing
  • On objectivity, integrity, and problem-solving skills.
  • Ensure time, cost, risk, and quality objectives are monitored and provide value towards achieving these goals.



  • Project Cost Audits
  • Bill Verification
  • Quantity Survey & Takeoffs
  • Scope Revision Analysis & Assessment of Financial Implication
  • Verification of Project Milestones & Risk Mitigation Dispute Resolution
  • Dispute Resolution


  • Design Review of constructability, maintainability & operability of the project

  • Construction & Maintenance Civil & Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural Steel, HVAC, EHS, Fire Protection

  • Finance & Equity Capitalization

  • Master planning Integration of entire project schedules

  • Procurement Pricing of Goods & services, quality inspections

Industry Issues

Project Billing Issues


Why You Needs Us

  • Safeguarding interest of project
  • Running bill (RA) checking and verifications
  • Quantification of new scope
  • Analysis of new item rate claims
  • Increasing profits and savings in costs
  • Reducing risks related to contractual obligations
  • Integration of all project documents
  • Resolutions of potential disputes and resolution of negotiations
  • Planning and scheduling for the entire project


  • Qualified & experienced Technical Team of Team of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical industry experts
  • Qualified & experienced Finance Team of Team of CAs, MBAs, CMAs
  • Team led by senior industry specialist
  • Strong geographical presence (20 Offices nationwide)

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At FIDEM, our purpose is to ensure a Project is executed safely, efficiently, timely, with top quality, and without any disputes. We are a network of Accountants, Engineers, and Legal experts with expertise in the field of Accounting Audits, Project Management, Engineering Reviews, with more than 45 years.

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